Our made 3 number combination lets us make an informative description without twisting our heads for a new name. We use this system to give our wine specific indexes for our dry wines which are made from different berries or/and fruits.

This is why we made 9 color positions: white wine has the first 4 positions, pink wine has the fifth (5) and Sixth (6), red wine from the seventh (7) to the ninth (9) positions. The colors are sorted like so:

  1. Light yellowish greenish tint
  2. Light yellow tint
  3. Clear gold tint
  4. Amber
  5. Pink
  6. Raspberry
  7. Slightly red-purple
  8. Ruby
  9. Bordeaux

So the first number means the color of the wine, example. Fruit-berry wine 521 has the Pink tint.
The second number shows from how many different fruits or berries ws the wine made from and that ratio may differ due to the subtlety.
The third number shows the permutations which can also change due to the amount of ingredients are used. Used yeast, fermentation singularity or ripening way. This has a major impact on the final products harmony between aroma and taste.

Wines that are made out of one type of fruit or berry are called the same way the ingredient is called. Example if a wine is made from grapes it will be called grape wine.


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