Apple Ice Wine

Price 19,0 €/0,375L (with a box) | Sweet

“Ice Wine” is made out of ripe apples that are picked carefully. The juice is squeezed in winter and is held in a cold environment for a few weeks. The poured juice is fermented for a while in low temperature preserving the subtle apple aroma. A astonishing balance between the elegant taste and silk like softness. This type of wine is commonly called “liquid gold”- The rich and fragrant taste reminds of the exotic white fruit, almond and honey aroma. Recommended with blue veined cheese, confectioneries or aperitif.
Serve 8-10 C°


    Ice wine is drinkable in a calm celebration environment from small wine glasses. It’s especially popular to order this glass of wine instead of desert after dinner with your partner. This is a way of showing your wits and a chance to extend your conversation.


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