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 Our wines are produced only of natural, carefully selected fruits and berries through good European winemaking traditions and personal discoveries to reveal the advantages and features of fruits and berries specific to our climate that are more suited to the Nordic taste.

There is no doubt that our biggest pride is Apple Ice Wine. We‘ve put the most love and work into its making. An idea to make ice wine arose after tasting worldwide popular ice wine – its flavour enchants, the bouquet of aromas is so rich that it seems as if you taste the fairy tale of berries. The story is also wrapped up in legends how winemakers leave grapes unpicked throughout the winter and await for cold that could make their berries into ice crystals of which, after putting a lot of work, they could expect a miracle. Because we know how rarely a temperature of minus 15C° is in the south region, we understand, why the production of such wine is so low. This is why being wrapped up in a luxurious package it seems to emphasize its value, claiming a special status in advance.
The king of our region is an apple; Canada, Quebec, where the climate is very similar to Lithuania‘s, a fine, internationally recognized apple ice wine is being produced for several years now. So we’ve also decided to try. Several years of efforts and disappointments finally gave results – we have a wine which in its class is as good as its luxurious cousins and surely will not bring shame neither for its taste nor its appearance when representing us in any part of the world.
Ice wine is drinkable in a quiet festive atmosphere from small wineglasses. It is very popular, after dinner, to order for your lady a glass of this fine wine instead of a dessert. That is the way of showing your intelligence and creating an ability to extend a pleasant conversation.
For those who are willing to surprise an ice wine could be a great gift to a close person.




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